Monday, February 6, 2012

Will Anna Netrebko Sing Norma?

La Cieca from the blog Parterre reports that during last Saturday's performance of Anna Bolena, Netrebko told a fan backstage that she has already signed a contract at the Covent Garden to sing the title tole of Norma in 2016.  " A spokesperson for the soprano told, “I’m not at liberty to confirm whether Anna is contracted to sing Norma at Covent Garden in 2016, but I can tell you that she’s been considering taking on the role at some point in the future.” 

Will the Diva take the role on or are these simply just rumors?  One only hopes that after taking on Bolena, Netrebko goes on to sing more challenging roles. While we wait for a confirmation here are some clips of what Netrebko has already sung of the role.

If she does sing the role here is my dream cast: Netrebko, Garanca, Kaufmann and D'Arcangelo 


  1. That would be my dream cast too!

  2. I was there hearing Anna saying this! It's true! Well, at least at that point.