Saturday, March 31, 2012

Juan Diego Florez Encores his audience and NO HD!

Today should have been an HD day. WHY? Well it was a historic performance. As if the run had not already been successful enough, Juan Diego Florez encored "Una Furtiva Lagrima" for his audience. After the applause had stopped for singing the aria, an audience member yelled encore and the audience continued applauding ecstatically. Juan Diego Florez repeated the aria and after the second time the audience would not stop applauding. Florez as the cliche states "stopped the show." These are the type of performances that should be recorded for the future AND I THINK PETER GELB WILL FOREVER REGRET THIS ARTISTIC DECISION. One that presents a spectacular cast at the height of their powers and one where something truly historical happens.

And for more information on how wonderful the performance was here is our review:


  1. I so agree. I emailed the Met several times asking for HD. We had Ernani instead!

  2. Same here. After seeing it a few weeks back, I asked for them to pull an emergency operation for an HD, but they refused me stating that a lot of hard work went into preparing these HD's and that they only picked the ones they felt would resonate best with the public they were catering to. I guess they fail massively. And I agree about Ernani despite Verdi being my favorite composer; not the best HD performance of our time.

  3. Quote - "They only picked the ones they felt would resonate best with the public they were catering to" - my opinion, that is proof that they have no clue what the public wants. We saw this performance live twice and Juan Diego & Mariusz were spectacular and the audience just loved the performance. Yes, the sets are old and tired but what a treat having Diana, Juan Diego & Mariusz on stage together - we, the public would have loved to have owned that DVD.