Monday, July 1, 2013

Werther Preview 2012-2013

The world's leading tenor Jonas Kaufmann and mezzo soprano Elina Garanca team up for the first time at the Metropolitan Opera for Massenet's Werther

Richard Eyre will direct one of the years most anticipated operas of the season. The Carmen director returns to the Met in a production that will be set in the 1890s. Richard Eyre has described Werther as a "chamber opera" and therefore will attempt to bring the characters "as close to the audience as possible." He will reduce the space to focus on the characters.

Jonas Kaufmann sings his first Met Werther after debuting the role in Paris a few years ago. Back in 2010 Kaufmann had audiences go wild for his interpretation with critic's stating "Kaufmann’s Werther shines in his opening paean to nature, the character’s only few minutes in the opera not spent being a moody, lovesick drip. Even more impressive, though, is Kaufmann’s ability to draw the audience into Werther’s plight, so that the intolerable self-pity is muted by a sense of larger social forces oppressing the anti-hero." They added "Kaufmann lets the inherent pathos of Massenet’s score fill out the emotional picture." After a a groundbreaking Parsifal last season, Kaufmann should easily continue to win fans and audiences over. 

Charlotte, 'Werther', Vienna Staatsoper
Elina Garanca brings her acclaimed Charlotte to the Met. The Latvian mezzo has sung the role all over the world to great acclaim and most recently performed it in Vienna. Ms. Garanca known for her bright voice and perfect technique has been praised as the "perfect" Charlotte. Critics stated, "vocally superb, with that hint of coolness in both voice and dramatic presence ideal for Charlotte. And her voice really is extraordinary even and smooth throughout the range." Together with her acting skills and vocal allure, Garanca is sure to make an ideal partner for Kaufmann. 

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