Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cecilia Bartoli Records Norma

So according to the blog parterre the bel Canto Specialist Cecilia Bartoli is recording Norma. This is the second soprano role she records for Decca. The first was La Sonnanbula with Juan Diego Florez. I can't wait to hear breathing and overly fast tempos. Sure she has amazing coloratura but thats does not make matters any better. I don't understand how she is allowed to record these roles. What makes matters worse is that these recordings are then called great recordings and definitive versions. Definitive versions are those that are sung in theaters. Except those recordings of La Callas such as Manon Lescaut. Bartoli however will never sing them in an opera house and she will never be la Callas. In addition, I don't understand why she considers herself a mezzo when she is always singing soprano roles. I know that they were probably written for the mezzo but quite frankly no one wants to hear them sung by a mezzo. Its not as exciting. Don;t get me wrong I love Mezzos but Norma and Sonnanbula for a mezzo is anti-climatic. Whatever people feel about her, I will tell you this, I can't consider a woman great when her voice is to small for a theater, and when all I hear in a recording is breathing and a lack of expression due to the terribly fast tempos.

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  1. You have no idea. She has sung Norma many times now in Salzburg and the result was breathtaking.