Monday, March 11, 2013

Diana Damrau Interviewed by the Salazar's

In a recent interview with my brother David Salazar for Latinos Post, Diana Damrau revealed that she would be singing La Sonnanbula, Daphne, and The Pearl Fishers. Here is an excerpt: 
"In the busy café of the Elinur Bunin Munroe Film Center a mother and her two children share an intimate moment. The woman, internationally renowned soprano Diana Damrau, has brought along her children: two-year old Alexander and four-month old Colyn. The baby lies in his carriage begging for his mother while Alexander bustles about the space, exploring his environment. Damrau looks after Alexander as she picks up Colyn from the carriage and for the next hour, the superstar soprano speaks while keeping her two greatest treasures near.
"It's wonderful. It keeps you in the world and makes your life complete," says Damrau as she admires little Colyn resting in her arms. To Continue Click Here."

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