Saturday, April 27, 2013

HD Awards 2013 Nominations

Today I announce my nominations for Salazar Family Circle's Annual HD Awards. I added a couple more categories and I have feeling that will be the end of any new additions. This year was really tricky to pick the best because there were a lot of standout performances and productions. Nonetheless I present the very best in HD this year. Tell us what you think of the nominees and who you think was the best. Let us know if you think we missed something. We will Announce the Winners Later this week!

Best Diva in Leading role
Diana Damrau-Rigoletto
Joyce Didonato-Maria Stuarda
Elina Garanca-La Clemenza di Tito
Susan Graham-Les Troyens
Liudmyla Monastyrska-Aida

Best Divo in Leading role
David Daniels-Giulio Cesare
Giuseppe Filianotti-La Clemenza di Tito
Bryan Hymel-Les Troyens
Jonas Kaufmann-Parsifal
Simon Keenlyside-The Tempest

Best Diva In a supporting role
Olga Borodina-Aida
Alice Coote-Giulio Cesare
Katarina Dalayman-Parsifal
Kate Lindsey-La Clemenza d Tito
Audrey Luna-The Tempest

Best Divo in a supporting role
Mark Delavan-Francesca da Rimini
Christoph Dumaux-Giulio Cesare
Peter Mattei-Parsifal
Rene Pape-Parsifal
Faulk Struckmann-Otello

Best Ensemble in an Opera Production
La Clemenza di Tito
Giulio Cesare
The Tempest
Les Troyens

Best Costume Design in a New or Revival Production
La Clemenza di Tito
Giulio Cesare
Maria Stuarda
The Tempest

Best Set Design in A New or Revival Production
Giulio Cesare
The Tempest
Les Troyens

Best Director in a New Production
Francois Girard-Parsifal
Michael Mayer-Rigoletto
David McVicar-Giulio Cesare

Best Conductor in an HD Performance
Thomas Ades-The Tempest
Maurizio Benini-Maria Stuarda
Harry Bicket-Giulio Cesare
Daniele Gatti-Parsifal
Fabio Luisi-Les Troyens

Best Revival Production                                             
La Clemenza di Tito
Francesca Da Rimini
Les Troyens

Best New Production
Giulio Cesare
The Tempest

Best HD performance
La Clemenza di Tito
Giulio Cesare
Les Troyens

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  1. 1. Graham
    2. Kaufmann
    3. Dalayman
    4. Pape
    5. Les Troyens
    6. Maria Stuarda
    7. Les Troyens
    8. Girard
    9. Gatti
    10. Les Troyens
    11. Parsifal
    12. Parsifal