Friday, January 27, 2012

Gotterdammerung's production team greeted with boos

Today's debut of Gotterdammerung seemed to go smoothly from a musical standpoint. I was not at the performance (I'll be there Tuesday), but heard it on the Met's Live Player and it sounded incredible. Voigt was at the top of her game, Morris was the ideal Siegfried, and Luisi conducted the best I've heard at the Met in YEARS!

But as has become custom at the Met, poor productions are starting to get more noticeable animosity. LePage was booed out of the house TWICE when he went for his curtain call. First during his first bow, then during a second round of bows.

Can't wait to see what all the hatred was aimed at on Tuesday. But on the flipside, I can't wait to hear that sublime music performed live (sans Morris, who will be replaced by Stephen Gould) A review will promptly follow thereafter. 

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