Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Anna Netrebko's Verdi Album Confirmed (Track Listings)

Photo: BREAKING NEWS: Anna Netrebko will celebrate the mighty power and compelling human drama of Verdi’s music with a new album, »Verdi«, which is slated for international release this summer. Being her first studio album for five years, »Verdi« is destined to stand out among major highlights of the composer’s bicentenary year, thanks not least to the album’s choice of music – personally and diligently selected by the artist – and the sheer intensity of its music-making. Stay tuned!

It's Official Anna Netrebko's new album is being released. The album features arias by Giuseppe Verdi and is conducted by Gianandrea Noseda. My only complaint at this point is who the hell did the photoshop work and who took those pictures. 

Who is excited and what do you think of that cover?

According to Kassikakente the album includes three arias from Macbeth-Vieni t'Affretta, The Sleepingwalking scene and La Luce Langue. It also includes Elisabetta's aria from Don Carlo "Tu Che La Vanita," Giovanna d'Arco's Sempre all'alba, Elena's aria from I Vespri Siciliani- The Bolero and aria's from "Il Trovatore." According to the site Rolando Villazon also recorded a scene from Il Trovatore but since I do not read German I was not able to understand that portion. 

Controversy over Album Arises 


  1. A better album cover is certainly warranted for a new release of Anna Netrebko in five years!

  2. isn't that a normal thing in these days, this photoshop-problem? Nebtrebko looks a dramatic Barbie, but not like a human being on this cover, but what else you can expect? Look at her normal pics, she isn't as glamourous beautiful as she was before, she increased her weight a lot, saw her in Zurich in Don Giovanni and she was good but not more, no world class!