Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gelb: The Dictator

Yesterday it was announced that after 76 years, Opera News, one of the leading classical music magazines in the country, would stop reviewing the Metropolitan Opera, a policy prompted by the Met’s dissatisfaction over negative critiques.” The decision came after negative reviews for the Ring Cycle, Gelb's most ambitious project to date. The decision however is  is troubling as it shows Gelb's lack of confidence in his product and his lack his sensitivity toward criticism. The Magazine run by the members of the Guild stopped reviewing Met productions in 2012. This announcement comes a few months after Gelb protested the WQXR blogger's comments on the Ring. For more information click here

The fact that this is occurring will put discord to many who read the magazine as it will be censored. I for one always enjoyed reading about the Met's production whether they were negative or positive. What do you think about this topic and do you believe Gelb is censoring by not allowing people to have their opinions written? 

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